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Wedding Party Rentals Near You In Norco, CA

Rentals for Wedding and Reception Events

For your special day

You can now check finding wedding rentals off your list. Mary’s Party Rentals has everything you need to decorate your venue for the most important day of your life and so you can focus on making it a memorable event.

From the essentials like tables, chairs and linens to larger items like tents and dancing floors for outdoor gatherings, we have them all. Take a look!

What Rentals do I Need for my Wedding?

1. Get The Essentials:

First, let’s take care of your guests. And have their seatings ready.

Tables and Chairs

The first must-check for your reception.


Add the elegance factor to your seatings.


The cherry on top for that special touch.

2. Select Your Decor and Add The Fun

Now it’s time to set the mood of your event and spice up your venue.

Flower Arrangements

Because no wedding is a wedding without flowers.

Dancing Floors

You want your guests to dance, right? Everyone loves dancing.

3. The Extras

The just-in-case list.



Coffee Machines

And You’re All Set!

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