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Celebrate Father’s Day with a Party

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Wedding Party Rentals Near You In Norco, CA

It’s not Father’s Day without a big party! If the man in your life, whether it be your husband, boyfriend, biological father, step dad, grandfather, uncle or anyone else, is a great guy and does a lot for his loved ones throughout the year, June is the time to tell him thank you. Sure, you could buy him a tie or a new coffee mug, but is that really what he wants? So many fathers simply wish to get their entire family together and enjoy time together. You can do that for him by bringing in Mary’s Party Rentals and having a big blow out!

 A few essential party items include:

#1 Tent– This time of year is hot and you’ll certainly need shade if you plan on being outside. We have a small tent for ten people or huge tent than can fit hundreds underneath, and everything in between.

 #2 Dance Floor Don’t let Father’s Day be boring, get dancing! Our team will assemble it for you so you can focus on having your event ready to go. We have a variety of sizes to accommodate as many guests as you need.

 #3 Tables and Chairs Of course, your party will have great good and dad’s favorite drinks, so you’ll need to be able to sit down to enjoy all of the refreshments. Folding chairs, plastic chairs, wooden chairs, round tables, and square tables- we have them all ready for you.

 #4 Kids Entertainment- Where there are dads, there are kids! Mary’s Party Rentals has everything you need to entertain the little ones at your big blowout, from a bouncy castle to a popcorn machine.

 This year, have a party! Your family and friends will be thrilled when they find out you’re throwing a bash to celebrate all the fathers in your life. Mary’s Party Rentals has been the party experts in California for years, responsible for helping to throw some of the best parties in town. If you’re not sure exactly what you need, our party event experts have planned out specials on the most popular requests we receive. Take a look and select the perfect combo for your upcoming Father’s Day party. Those who choose one of our party packages receive from 10%-15% off the individual prices. And with Mary’s Party Rentals, you don’t worry about transportation or installation, we will take care of it all!

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